Measuring Superficial Pain

Note: This topic, although an analysis of human emotions, is highly subjective and depends on social situations. It does not cover conversations, situations and experiences that fall under profession, politics and science.

You know what’s hurting right now? A lot of superficial things. But how do we judge it to be superficial? What is superficial pain?

I would like to think of superficial pain, as the kind of pain that doesn’t or shouldn’t really matter. It could be as casual as finding out that the spicy chicken is yet again not available in Mang Inasal, or it could be as hurtful as having your close friend say something offensive about a topic that is triggering to you.

But you know what’s bullshit? Measuring what painful should be for others.

I hate it when people becomes shameful of what pains them. If it’s hurting you, then it’s hurting you. What’s important is admitting it to yourself, and embracing your vulnerability. It doesn’t do good to ignore what hurts. As Sigmund Freud had said “Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” You have to be honest to yourself.

I also especially dislike it when people judge others for the pain they’re going through, just because they think it wouldn’t be as painful for them. We don’t know what each of us are going through, ya know? Maybe the sudden fluctuation of the internet connection is the trigger point of stacked up pain. Like Jon Snow, we know nothing.

I may have reiterated this hundreds of times when I realized this – people have different levels of pain threshold. What could be painful to some, might not be painful to others.

So how do we measure superficial pain? I’d like to say that it can’t be measured. There is no universal pain meter where if you get to a certain level, you’re allowed to complain (another topic for another session). Basing on the concept of pain threshold difference, human beings are too unique to ever have the same emotional strength. Of course, zero amount of research was put into this. So I highly welcome other thoughts and opinion given that they are delivered in a respectful way (no ridiculing of other people’s ideas, no matter how much you oppose, control yourself). Is there a way to tell, that what you’re hurting about is too superficial?


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