Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve already told two of my friends that I have a bad habit of reading comments and getting a laugh out of it. I consider it a bad thing because in order to get a laugh out of it, you’ll have to filter through SEVERAL hateful and ignorant comments first (though some of those are satirically funny). Observing how people behave and speak online, I’ve been coming to a realization that I can no longer contain. Not because it’s massive, but because it has too much factors that I need to express it and see if I can understand it better if I type it down, and have other people say something about it.

A note: In this thing I’m going to write, let’s kindly excuse the open minded, understanding people who accepts everything and the outrageously toxic, troll people who don’t have any other purpose but to piss others off.

You see, I kind of visualize people like ripples in the water. This is not a perfect analogy, bear me. When one has an understanding of his or her own, and the other one does not agree, they completely repulse each other out because they have a different set of beliefs. I’m sure we’ve all seen people being all defensive or offensive regarding their beliefs in God, their beliefs in sexuality and even in petty things like if a child should be allowed to play with a huge family dog that is capable of hurting the baby (believe me I’ve seen a lot of petty arguments out of petty topics). I, having a stand of my own, sometimes get fired up reading some the comments that oppose what I believe, especially when it comes off really stupid. But I, too, am just like them, a human being with an opinion, a belief, a principle. What makes me better than them? What makes them better than me? Why do we endlessly try to prove that what we believe is right, when others are doing just the same? It’s like trying to win a game when there’s no referee to call the shots.

I got into this thought when the word “ignorant” got used too many times. It made me think – if I call the other person ignorant for he or she is not giving my opinion a chance to be heard, am I not being an ignorant as well for not trying to understand his or hers? Aren’t we all ignorant if we refuse to learn about the thing we don’t agree with? This is probably going to sound so messy because there is so much to talk about under the sun, right? There is:

  • the existence of God
  • human sexuality
  • prostitution vs legal sex workers
  • politics
  • crime
  • traffic
  • and of course, babies left to play with family pets

And so much more! It’s like every video I watch, there’s bound to be someone who pops the bubble (if it’s a happy video) down in the comments section and starts questioning and insulting people on that page. It’s both amusing and irritating.

Now, truth be told (how do we know it’s true, if I’m the only one saying that it’s true? Hmm), some of the topics can be solved with an intensive learning of logic. We can also solve it if we decide the manner of solving it. Do we go through logic alone? Do we consider morality? How about our feelings? Haha. We all need that support group who supports us no matter what we think and do. But maybe, it’s not a matter of solving it, but a matter of accepting differences.

With all of these different perspective, beliefs and principles of human life, it is difficult to try to understand everyone when someone else is completely contradicting the other person’s stand. Sometimes, things get too complicated, and I get TOO overwhelmed by everything I read. (By everything I mean including the stuff I research online when I’m so hooked up on the topic). It’s always useful to know when to withdraw, to relax, and to remind myself that it’s 4am, I’m in my room, it’s really quiet, I’m hungry and all of these aren’t going to matter in my conscious life. As much as we want to understand everything, as they say, ignorance is bliss.


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