Bitch Be Crazy | The Girl On The Train Film Review


Okay, I haven’t read the book yet. But I just finished watching the movie and it was fucking awesome!

I know people widely relate it with Gone Girl, having seen its trailer maybe a month ago. It definitely did catch my attention because of that Gone Girl vibe. (Because Gone Girl blew my brains out! First the novel, then the movie. I’m so in love with Gillian’s works I just ugh) If you have seen that movie and liked it, you should give this one a try. It had the same air of mystery within the story. It also had the same cool palette when it comes to the films cinematography.

Personally, it didn’t have the same effect as the GG had in me. I strongly believe that it’s because I watched the movie before reading the book. When the credits ran, I felt like the excitement I was feeling was premature. It felt like I was missing out on some things. Whereas when I watched GG, I have read the book, read it again, and read a lot of stuff about it online (basically fangirling about it and succumbing to the book hangover). Therefore when I reached the cinemas, I understood everything that was happening and was going to happen.

Spoilers below

This is the kind of movie where you have to pay attention really carefully. Let your inner detective run wild. It’s a case of a person gone missing and a number of possible suspects, kind of typical for a suspense-thriller film. The way it fucks with your mind though, is by giving you false details (through Rachel’s false memories). And the film was set in medias res, meaning that the story started in the middle and jumped from past to present to fill in the blanks. After the movie, I kept on saying that I loved how everyone of them was crazy. Anna was probably the least insane, if she ever is actually insane. Megan is emotionally unstable. Tom is mentally unstable, probably a psychopath. Rachel is clearly mentally unstable, but I don’t know much about what she goes through except for her excessive alcohol intake. I’d really like to learn more about these characteristics. But right now I really need to sleep because I have a 6am call time later. I guess I will have to put my curiosity on hold while I finish up my agenda for today (later).



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