Who the fuck is telling the story | Review of Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang


Am I stupid for not figuring out or is it intently vague as it is?

I’ve been eyeing this book for a long time. I have a close knitted relationship with young adult literary and fictions that deal with suicidal and depressing stories. To this day, there isn’t a story that have hit the exact spot where I’m hurting. Iba lang talaga ang hugot nila. But I still appreciate them, nonetheless.

I recklessly spent the last money I have to this book and to the food I’m craving (Potato Corner spicy BBQ and chicken pita from Turks added with a slice of cheese, yum!). I guess it’s appropriate to drown myself to a world equally grey and dull.

Spoiler alert, stop reading this if you haven’t read the book and don’t wish to be spoiled. This is more of a rant than a review. Skip below.

To be honest, I wish that Liz Emerson had died in that hospital. Her surviving of the crash felt anticlimactic to me. The whole telling of the story didn’t make sense because she survived anyway. Or maybe it’s meant to give an importance to the realization the others have when they found out that Liz got in an accident. I hated almost everyone in the story, and maybe it’s written to be that way. For the characters to be hated. I just can’t imagine a place so shallow that they’d trust a rumor, gain entertainment on a shady video; or a person so weak they can be broken down by a photo of the front of her house with SLUT spray painted across it. I mean, seriously, ignorance is bliss. People are stupid for believing crap, and it showed no exception – no one stood up for what is right. It all seemed so weak and shallow and literally unbelievable. Is this how it’s like in America? Like, are people ever this stupid? Sorry I don’t have a first hand account of a real story this stupid. At least one person will always stand up for what is right. Or people ultimately don’t care and they mind their own business. Rumors don’t matter unless it’s actually confirmed.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate bullying. I wished for Liz to die all the more when she bullied Liam. I didn’t care if she had her own issues. It doesn’t take much to be a nice person. I hated how irresponsible every single one became. And how no one had the decency to do the right thing. I didn’t feel any balance. And surely, a place like that doesn’t actually exist? It was a descent all throughout the book. Makes sense I guess since it’s a story of a suicide attempt. Only, it didn’t give me any hope to hold on to, as a reader. It told and it told and it told of all the things she had done wrong, and hers masks and her regrets. The ending just didn’t quite coincide with how the story was told. I wish that she had died instead, and be at peace and never be breathing the same air as all the other shallow beings she had been dealing with.

Spoiler-safe below

Falling Into Place tells the story of how Liz Emerson crashed her car onto a tree and all her thoughts months, weeks, days and minutes before the crash. It’s kind of a confusing story because the chapters are written short and it plays in medias res. The whole book is. This one gets an average rating from me.


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