The Lucky, Unlucky Pair | Passengers Film Review


Spoiler spoiler spoiler

Let me start off with this: That Jim guy has to be a cat because he has escaped death more than a few times a human could ever do. The moment he took a breath, right after going through a number of resuscitation procedures, I exclaimed “Ay puta ang corny”. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy that Aurora got him back and won’t be going through a whole new level of depression. But story-wise, it was too good. He had multiple chances to die, but he didn’t die. That’s a film for you. All the while he was getting his life back into his body, I’ve already imagined the continuation of Aurora’s life without him. She could’ve written about Jim and he would’ve been a legend – the first hibernation pod failure, also the man who saved them all. Hell, he could have had a monument built after him. But no, he had to survive, even after being pronounced dead, just to keep Aurora company and generally to make everyone happy.

Spoiler safe

Passengers IMDB link – if you don’t have any idea about this film. It’s about humans who can afford to board a space ship that travels 120 years into a new planet called Homestead II. Apparently, a clever entrepreneur had thought of selling planets, accommodation and travel expense, to be able to escape Earth and to live a new life – a fresh start. I watched this movie without having any idea on what it’s about, and it was pretty easy to follow through.

Anyway, it was definitely a good watch. 9/10 would recommend. -1 because of the my rant up there. The premise of a ship in migration was very interesting. Although, I’m not knowledgeable enough to call out anything as impossible; even if I highly think any of it as so. It gave me the Wall-E movie feels.  The graphics and the flow of the story was satisfying, giving me high times and low moments. On a side note, I enjoyed staring at Jennifer Lawrence’s beauty. Check the film out for yourself.


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