New Apartment Room + Living The Indie Life


Before I had the chance to introduce the first apartment, we already have moved to a new one. I hope we/I don’t have to move again anytime soon because lugging your baggage from place to place is tiring. Continue reading


4-Peat Champs Dethroned, Eng’g IICS Pep Squad Takes The Crown | Cheermania 2017


Photo from Mariella Galvan

The Engineering IICS Pep Squad emerged as the new champion of the annual cheer dance competition “Cheermania 2017: World of Disney”, May 13, Saturday at Plaza Mayor. With a grand score of 500 points, the Roque Roaño-based college stole the crown from 4 times defending champion, One SHADE Dance Squad. CFAD totaled a score of 446, putting them at 1st runner up. While the Cheermania Science Team comes in at 2nd runner up with the score of 417.5. Continue reading

How I Got Myself Fired After Two Months In My 9 To 6 Job

It annoys the hell out of me when I feel like I’m hiding something, especially out of shame. “I got fired” isn’t really a sweet melody to hear. But it happened! And I don’t like the second of hesitation I take when a friend asks me what I’m doing right now.

I got fired. After two months. I. Got. Fired.


I think this was the day of the interview? Or the job offer.

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To The Friend I Lost

I thought I was okay with losing you. I reached a point where I didn’t care anymore. I reached a point where there’s no other choice but to move on. But then there are these small moments when I would remember you, and I’d wonder, where I went wrong. I kept on analyzing my actions, my words, the situation, and how I should react on it. I kept on looking on it on a rational point of view, trying to understand everything that has happened. The hows, the whys. But I just can’t understand. Continue reading